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Yellow Room

Second Grade Curriculum

Building Independence & Self-Awareness

The Yellow Room curriculum is designed to support and challenge students as they progress academically, to guide them as they further develop socially, and to nurture them as they continue to grow independently. The value of character (listening to your moral compass and doing the right thing) is emphasized through modeling, positive reinforcement, shared readings, and class discussions. Students are encouraged and expected to participate as part of the Yellow Room community by being themselves, by asking questions, and by sharing their ideas. It is understood that children will participate and contribute in different ways, depending upon individual personalities and comfort levels.

2nd grade teachers in front of class

Gaining Confidence Through Self-Expression

Yellow Room learners express their creative ideas and opinions in Writing Journals. Math work includes reflecting on and articulating problem-solving methods and strategies. Across the curriculum students make and share connections between their prior knowledge and life experiences and their new learning and understandings. During read-alouds and when reciting and singing poems and songs together, students analyze and interpret authors’ meanings and intentional writing choices, and build a common vocabulary and appreciation for language. Throughout each school day Yellow Room students build their listening and speaking vocabularies, spend time organizing their thoughts, and experiment with various ways to communicate their knowledge and ideas effectively.

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