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Computer Lab

Digital Learning Begins Here


Starting with the Basics

At BNS, technology education begins in the third grade (Green Room) where students learn the basics of typing, how to use the Google Drive Suite, and how to navigate the computer. Our school teaches online safety and digital citizenship using the Common Sense Media curriculum.

Deeper Hands-On Learning

Beginning in Middle School, students have the opportunity to explore technology and its uses even more deeply. The curriculum focuses on technology literacy so that students develop an understanding of how technology is created and evolves, its impact on society, and how it can help solve problems.


Through hands-on learning, students have opportunities to learn how to program, 3D model, animate, and work with microcontrollers/electronics. 

student working at a computer learning coding
student working with robotics equipment

Extra Curricular

Students also have opportunities for extracurricular technology-focused programs at BNS: Robotics and Technology Student Association (TSA).

For robotics, BNS participates with the FIRST Lego League program. Students work to build and program their robots to complete a series of challenges, while also learning about a specific area of STEM.


TSA is a professional student organization focused on how technology can be used to solve problems. Through this, BNS students have the opportunity to explore topics covered in greater detail like digital photography, video game design, and various engineering fields. 

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