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Turquoise Room

Fourth Grade Curriculum

Evaluating Multiple Perspectives

Whether we're singing about verbs, reading a novel about problem-solving in math class, or completing an art project for science, Turquoise Roomers are sure to experience learning in a unique, unforgettable way. Turquoise Roomers are also introduced to the Lincoln-Douglass debate format and decide as a class whether they would have declared independence from King George!

Across the curriculum, an emphasis is placed on communication of ideas and evaluation of a variety of perspectives.


Building Independence

In the Turquoise Room students are guided and encouraged to take increasing responsibility for their learning and to develop their time management skills.


Students also take responsibility for their learning by choosing what they learn and how. Through our free exploration of ideas in Wonder Hour, students are encouraged to let their minds wander and share their learning with their peers. 

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