Our Teamwork Sets Us Apart

A Board of Parents

Blacksburg New School is run by a Board of Directors, composed of parents and elected by the parent body at the mandatory Spring and Fall Corporation meetings. The Corporation is made up of all Blacksburg New School parents and each family has one vote divided equally between the parents. Each teacher also has one vote.

The Board, its officers and committees, and the teachers administer the day-to-day running of the school. Board meetings usually take place on the second Wednesday of each month and are characterized, in general, by consensus-building conversations. All parents and teachers are encouraged to attend Board meetings. Board and Corporation meeting minutes are distributed via email.

2020-2021 Board of Directors


  • Kiyah Duffey (President)

  • Courtney Grohs (Vice President)

  • Donna Vaden (Treasurer)

  • Cindy Smith (Secretary)



  • Cara Daggett

  • Stan Harvey

  • Julie Fox

  • Jennifer Irish/Robert Weiss

  • Ashley Dayer

  • Sarah Dunleavy

  • Ash and Tejal Raju

  • Kevin Heaslip

  • Rotating Teacher Representative