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Blue Room

Fifth Grade Curriculum

Opening Doors to Possibilities

True learning comes through personal discovery. The goal of the Blue Room is to not only increase the size of a student's knowledge base, but also to create possibilities for student invention and discovery. There are many hands-on applications throughout the content areas this year.

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Meaningful Engagement

Our themes are somewhat flexible and can be altered to meet the interests of our students, but there are several we regularly cover. 


In social studies, we focus on geography, the fifty states, capitals, and abbreviations, our government and the election process, Lewis and Clark and pioneers, Westward Expansion and the Industrial Revolution, slavery and the Trail of Tears, the Civil War, and various cultural studies.

In science, we focus on scientific investigations; force, motion, and energy transfer; the building blocks of matter; cells; the human body; electricity and magnetism, sound, and light.

As in our other classes, in the Blue Room, students are placed in math class based on their needs and abilities. A majority of students will go into 5th grade math, but students are evaluated and placed in math according to their needs and abilities.

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