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Kindergarten Curriculum

Social, Emotional, & Educational Growth

The BNS Kindergarten Program offers a variety of avenues for students to reach the 5 major academic goals listed below. Additionally, the program is focused upon creating a learning environment in the classroom that is reflective of a kind, cooperative community and that promotes emotional health. The children work together to share resources, resolve conflicts, build trust, and articulate experiences. This aids in the creation of a classroom climate that encourages children to take responsible academic and social risks without fear of failure.

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Our Big 5

The 5 major academic goals of the BNS Kindergarten Program are to have all students:

  1. Beginning to read and write on their own by the end of the school year.

  2. Demonstrating a comfortable familiarity with the elements of math including addition and subtraction.

  3. Understanding how to systematically pursue an idea or question.

  4. Telling sequential stories of past and present events.

  5. Developing a positive and enthusiastic attitude toward school and learning.

Individual Expectations

Please keep in mind that the skills listed throughout the curriculum span over the course of the school year and that different students will begin the development of particular skills at different times. Also, for students that are ready, further-reaching goals will be developed as soon as appropriate.

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