Elementary School

Growing the Rainbow

Yellow Room - 2nd

Building Independence and Becoming Themselves


Green Room - 3rd

Developing Interests and Strengthening Communication


Red Room - Kindergarten

Supporting Social and Emotional Growth


Orange Room-1st

Encouraging Cooperation and Compassion

Learning Through Experience & Experimentation

The philosophy of learning and teaching at BNS is guided by a belief that children learn naturally by connecting events and experiences. In each classroom, and throughout all grades, we capitalize on the children's natural ability to make connections by using an interrelated and integrated curriculum. 


Turquoise - 4th

Evaluating Multiple Perspectives and Encouraging Curiosity


Blue - 5th

Opening Doors to Possibilities and Preparing Thoughtful Citizens 

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Blacksburg New School is an independent K-8 school fostering academic achievement, creative and critical thinking, and thoughtful action. The mission of the Blacksburg New School is to serve its students, teachers, and parents by providing a cooperative educational environment. We are committed to academic and civic excellence, to individual and community responsibility, and to the love of learning

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