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It's What Makes BNS Special

Our Mission

The Mission of the Blacksburg New School is to serve its students, teachers, and parents by providing a cooperative educational environment.


We are committed to academic and civic excellence, to individual and community responsibility, and to the love of learning.


We Love Learning

The school instills in each child the desire to learn by:

  • Letting each child progress at their own pace using positive reinforcement

  • Emphasizing how to work with one another and to enjoy each other's talents

  • Stressing development of critical thinking and inquiry rather than rote learning

  • Having parents participate in school activities and participate in the daily running of the school

  • Making school work a challenge, not a frustration

  • Giving students and teachers the opportunity to set goals, develop projects, and evaluate them jointly

  • Encourage the mixing of age levels within the school so that children can get to know and respect one another

We Encourage Self-Knowledge

The school works to promote self-knowledge and growth by encouraging each student to:

  • Respect oneself and others, both in language and behavior

  • Be cooperative rather than competitive

  • Learn self-discipline and take responsibility for one's own actions

  • Develop a spirit of service-mindedness by helping others

  • Learn to be patient

  • Learn to concentrate

  • Listen to and also understand what others say and feel

  • Learn to focus on one's needs, feelings, and goals

  • Learn to show feelings in appropriate ways

  • Respect property and treat the environment with care

  • Witness the importance of family involvement in their education

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