Monthly Tuition

Grades K-5: $775per child per month 
Grades 6-8: $795 per child per month

Tuition is charged monthly for 9 months (from September through June), a quarter (1/4) of a month in August and another 1/4 in June (at the end of the academic year). Tuition can be reduced through the Tuition Reduction Option (TRO) program, or by applying for tuition assistance.

In addition, tuition reductions apply for enrolling more than one child at the school from the same family:

  • 2nd child receives a $50/month reduction

  • 3rd child receives a $100/month reduction

  • 4th child receives a $150/month reduction

  • 5th child receives a $200/month reduction

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School Fees

Registration Fee

A non-refundable, annual Registration Fee is equal to one month's tuition and is required prior to (re)enrollment. This fee is waived for third and subsequent children.

Supply & Activity Fee

A Supply and Activity Fee is required to cover the cost of books, supplies, and most field trips throughout the year. Half of this fee is charged at the beginning of each semester (August and January).

Grades K-5: $500 per child annually
Grades 6-8: $700 per child annually

Tuition Reduction Options (TROs)

Parents can carry out certain tasks for which BNS offers a reduction in tuition of $60 per month. The details of the different TROs available are described in the TRO Program guidelines.


Some examples are:

  • lunch duty one day a week

  • sunshine duty (monitoring the children before school begins)

  • cleaning the classrooms, bathrooms, or kitchen

  • building maintenance

  • serving as an officer of the corporation


These jobs provide parents with the opportunity not only to participate in their children's school, but also to reduce the cost of tuition. Every family is guaranteed one TRO per child enrolled, although taking advantage of this opportunity is optional. Families may take on additional TROs, if they are available.

After-School Program

The charge for this state-licensed program varies from $6/hr to $42/week depending on the amount of time the child uses the After-School Program. These charges appear as a separate item on the monthly statement.

Update 10/2021: due to COVID-19 we are running a reduced capacity after school program in Fall, 2021. We will continually reevaluate our ability to expand this program, in the hopes that we will be at full capacity in the spring semester.


Tuition Assistance

Parents can also apply for tuition assistance. The Blacksburg New School Tuition Assistance Fund is able to provide financial assistance toward tuition to current and incoming families on a financial needs basis.


If you would like more information, or to apply for tuition assistance, please email the school.