New Ways at The New School

Educating during COVID is the wildest thing we’ve seen our school navigate in its almost 50 years of existence. Up close and personal, up close and in person is the Blacksburg New School (BNS) way. But, we're learning new ways to do what we've always done: work to instill a love of learning and respect for the community and others. Now we're just doing it from a little further away.

Below, you'll find details about our school operating procedures, offerings, risk-mitigation efforts, and weekly board updates. 

Phase 3 Opening Policies & Procedures

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Last updated May 17, 2021

Below are links to important guidelines and school policies that are critical for our ongoing efforts to remain open to in-person learning, while also offering remote learning for those teachers and families who choose it. Despite recent announcements made by CDC and the State of VA, the BNS mask policy remains in effect: all individuals will remain masked while on campus and children are present, regardless of vaccination status.  

Daily Forms

Families of in-person learners are required to complete and send the Student- Daily Health Ticket to school each day. 

Teachers, and any other adult entering the building (although these numbers are extremely limited these days), but also submit the Adult- Daily Health Ticket. These are kept (confidentially) for three moths to ensure individuals are following our health guidelines and to assist with any necessary contact tracing.

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Board Updates

Click on any of the images below to read the Board of Director's formal report out on COVID planning, preparation, and ongoing in-person and remote learning support efforts.

July 15
July 22
July 25
July 30
August 5
August 27
September 3
October 1