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We Believe

In Small Class Sizes

A Video Tribute
BNS: 1971 - 2021

Virtual Tour

Take virtual tour around our school and playground!

Elementary School

Visit our K-5 classrooms, meet our teachers, and learn about each class's curriculum. 

Middle School

Our middle school, for 6-8th graders, is a special place. Visit our classes and curriculum to see why. 

What's a Co-Op?

Blacksburg New School is a parent-teacher Co-Op, making it unique among private schools in Virginia. 

Our Philosophy

The Blacksburg New School is an independent K-8 school fostering academic achievement, creative and critical thinking, and thoughtful action. We are committed to academic and civil excellence, to individual and community responsibility, and to the love of learning.

Why BNS?

The Blacksburg New School experience is like no other in the New River Valley, and its cooperative structure is unique among private schools across the country. 

If you're looking for small, engaging classrooms, an innovative and challenging curriculum, and a nurturing, safe, and accepting environment we invite  you to come visit.

Already visited and ready to take the next step?  Apply now!

Rube Goldberg Activity - 3rd grade.jpeg

Our Values

At Blacksburg New School, the well-being of the whole child underlies our entire curriculum.

In addition, we value: 

Curiosity & Love of Learning

Critical Thinking





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